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Cherokee County Criminal Defense Lawyers

We represent clients facing DUI, misdemeanor, felony, and federal charges. We're among the best criminal defense attorneys in Cherokee County GA. Call 770-956-1400 to learn how we can help you.

★Have you been arrested or believe an arrest is imminent?

Did you get arrested for a DUI, misdemeanor or felony crime? If so, call our Cherokee County criminal defense attorneys in Canton GA. We represent clients in all north Georgia counties. From bond hearing representation, seeking dismissal of charges, managing plea negotiation, and advocating for first offender alternative sentencing to trial representation we are the law firm to call.

Did something like a domestic incident, aggravated assault, or road-rage situation happen? Do you have outstanding warrants? If so, it might be a good idea to arrange a free consultation with a defense attorney. Hopefully, you won't have problems, but if you do, we're ready to help you face the challenges.

An arrest is not a conviction, however; not hiring a top defense lawyer will probably assure you are convicted of whatever charges you face. If you're on this website, you probably don't want to be convicted and deal with a lifetime of issues that will follow. We applaud you for looking for the best criminal justice lawyers in Cherokee County. We encourage you to now take the next step and call a criminal defense lawyer at 770-956-1400.

At the time of arrest and after what you do, or do not do, can affect your case and our ability to help you. Firstly, invoke your rights, specifically as mentioned in the Miranda Warning. Do not speak with law enforcement, prosecutors about your case. In fact, be very tight lipped and try to not discuss your situation with family, friends, co-workers, or anyone else except your defense lawyer. If you need to let your parole or probation officer know anything, tell them the least amount of info that is required - do not share details, opinions, etc.

★Do you have an outstanding warrant or are you under investigation?

Why should you hire a lawyer before you're arrested? The simple answer is to get some control of the situation. When it all goes down, and you have a lawyer, you have certain immediate protection. As your defense lawyers we can do all of the talking and guide you through the legal process.

From turning yourself in for a warrant, or preparing to arrange bail bond, to representing you for police interviews (questioning), we can help you. Let us protect you from making mistakes and suffering unnecessary consequences.

★Post Conviction Help. Do you have parole or probation violations, need to file an Appeal or record restriction request?

Probation Violations can result in a quick return to jail if you don't have a defense lawyer. Regardless of the reason for a motion to revoke your probation you deserve to have a proper legal defense. We have specific experience dealing with issues such as failing a drug or alcohol test, failing to complete community service or pay a fine, and failing to contact your probation officer.

Parole Violations can result in a quick return to prison if you don't have a defense lawyer. Regardless of the reason for a motion to revoke your parole you should present a solid legal defense. We can help you with issues such as failing a drug or alcohol test, being re-arrested, and failing to contact your parole officer.

Post-Conviction Appeals are how you fight certain injustices in the legal system. An appeal is how you request a new trial, overturn a conviction, or seek a review of your sentence.

Record Restriction (Expungement) services are how you hide your criminal conviction record from showing on background checks. While the State is not obligated to do so, taking the effort to try is your only hope for moving forward without the stigma of a conviction hanging over your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an infraction and punishment?
Infractions (a.k.a., petty offense, violations) are simple charges typically punishable by fines, but not jail time. Examples of infractions are traffic tickets and littering.

What is a misdemeanor crime and punishment?
A misdemeanor is a lesser crime punishable by fines under $1,000 and jail time less than 12 months. Additionally, the court may force fines, restitution, special classes (DUI school), and probation. Examples of misdemeanor crimes are shoplifting and simple assault.

What is a felony crime and punishment?
A felony crime is a serious offense punishable by prison sentences exceeding one year or death penalty, with the possibility of fines, restitution, supervised probation and parole. Examples of felony crimes are armed robbery, trafficking, murder and rape.

Do I need to hire a lawyer for my case?
You are never required to hire a lawyer however, being represented by a lawyer increases your chances to get the best possible outcome. Anyone charged with misdemeanor or felony offenses definitely needs to be represented by a lawyer.

What does it cost to hire a criminal defense lawyer?
The cost to hire a lawyer depends on the complexity of the case. A simple, small marijuana possession may be only a few thousand dollars. The cost to defend a person charged with a serious offense such as possession of child porn, child molestation, rape or murder can be well over $30,000.

What is the First Offender Act in Georgia?
Georgia First Offender Act is an alternative sentencing program for persons facing a criminal record for a first-time arrest. It makes it possible for a person without a prior felony conviction to avoid normal prosecution, and avoid having a criminal record. However, the defendant may be required to pay fines, restitution, complete special classes and community service.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Law Firm

For 30 years, people in north Georgia have relied on our lawyers to guide them through problems with the law. Our law firm is located in Canton, Georgia — just a block from the Cherokee County Courthouse. We offer skilled, dedicated, and aggressive criminal defense representation with a non-judgmental attitude, and respect for our clients.

We are experienced in defense for simple matters such as contempt or disorderly conduct, to misdemeanor and serious felony charges. Whether it pertains to DUI, drug charges, sex offenses, assault, battery, or major felony charges, we can help you.

We Truly Fight for Our Clients

We energetically work to protect our clients. We don't simply go through the motions. We actually enjoy fighting to win.

Time is Not On Your Side

When facing criminal prosecution, delay can help the prosecution and hurt your chances for a robust defense. Each day that passes without having a defense law firm working for you means you are giving the prosecution what is needed to convict you as harshly as they desire.

Get Help Now!

If you are under investigation, or have been arrested, for any criminal charges you need to take action now. We urge you to contact our defense law firm online or call 770-956-1400 to make an appointment to discuss your situation.

Client Reviews

Burns Smith Law represented me in Forsyth County. My case was very complex because my charges were for two different counties, and I lived 3 hours away. She went above and beyond after I was sentenced too make sure my probation could either be transferred or that I would be able too call in and check in monthly.
-- Joya S.
Absolutely best attorney in Cherokee county...Felony charges he got all dismissed ... very reasonable with the price I hired them for.
-- Andrea J.