Contested Divorce

Contested Divorce

Contested Divorce

What is a Contested Divorce

Contested divorce refers to a divorce in which the spouses cannot come to an agreement on one or more major terms of their divorce. Common points of contention are property division, child custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support. In a contested divorce, the issues in dispute may need to be resolved through mediation or by a divorce court judge in a court trial.

By virtue of conflicts leading to divorce, most divorce cases start as a contested matter. This simply means that the parties have not reached agreement on major parts of theor divorce. It is common that a full settlement has not been reached when you file or respond to the divore papers.

As your divorce law firm, our job is to provide a sound strategy, effective counsel and litigate to achieve the best possible results. We certainly understand that every client needs information to ensure they understand all of the issues being faced and options to resolve them.

We prefer to utilize a low-conflict approach to reach mutually beneficial terms, and keep costs as low as reasonably possible.

As we develop and work your plan, your case may become less argumentative. This makes it more of an uncontested divorce, and much easier to settle.

As experienced divorce lawyers we will ensure all your issues are developed, considered, and litigated in the best manner for your circumstances.

Hire a Lawyer for Optimal Results

In both instances you to select a divorce attorney to guide you through a very difficult process. Both types of cases, at a minimum, require pleadings and documents which are of vital importance and are unfamiliar to most clients. Anyone going into a divorce without a divorce lawyer is at a serious disadvantage.

To learn more about which divorce option fits your situation we invite you to chat with a friendly divorce lawyer. Simply call 770-956-1400 to arrange a confidential consultation to discuss your situation.