Contempt of Court


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Contempt of Court

Contempt of court refers to being disrespectful toward a court (judge), or failing to follow formal court orders in a manner that clearly defies the authority, power, or dignity of the court. This generally means ignoring court orders, or being disrespectful to a judge. Our law firm can help you to file a motion for contempt or represent you to defend you against contempt charges.

Filing Motion for Contempt of Court

Filing a motion for contempt of court is a viable option to deal with a party who fail to comply with court orders. This is often used to deal with problems related to child support, child visitation, spousal support, and similar elements of a divorce settlement. If you file for contempt, the other party will probably try to fight the charges, and may seek modifications to any court orders.

Can You Fight Contempt of Court?

Yes, you can fight contempt of court charges. How to fight failure to comply charges can often be resolved if you can present proof and a reasonable explanation of why you have not complied. For example, not paying child support because you are injured and unable to work. Simply saying you disagree with the order is not acceptable. If the contempt charges stemmed from an outburst in court, and you did not follow the judges directives to control yourself, you probably will not be able to fight any contempt of court charges.

Relative to matters of divorce and family law, anyone facing contempt charges may need to hire a lawyer to pursue modifications to court orders. By modifying a court order you may be able to mitigate future problems with a specific issue.

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Our law firm can help you to prepare and file, or prepare and defend, contempt of court charges. To learn more we invite you to contact a divorce and family law attorney. Call 770-956-1400 to schedule a free consultation.