Grandparents' Rights


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Grandparents' Rights

The effects of a divorce often reach the extended family of a divorcing couple. Specifically, grandparents may unintentionally or intentionally become the victims of alienation. As family law attorneys we can work on your behalf to resolve visitation conflicts. In extreme cases, we can be your advocate for adoption, guardianship, and related custody matters.

Grandparents' Rights laws exist to aid grandparents where interpersonal conflicts are causing them to be alienated from their grandchildren. With the help of a family law attorney you can obtain court support that legally establishes your rights to visitation with your grandchildren.

In Georgia, there is no legal definition of what constitutes "in the best interest of a child". The lack of specificity means the court has to make such a determination. Our experience as grandparents rights lawyers is that the court most often considers the following criteria:

  • the grandchild's safety, welfare, physical and mental health
  • the relationship of the grandparents to the grandchild
  • potential upsides and benefits of time with the grandparents
  • the opinions of the grandchildren and custodial parents

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