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Legitimation & Paternity

Paternity and Legitimation are terms that refer to confirming the biological parents of a child in situations where there are disputes regarding rights for visitation or custody, and obligation to pay child support.

What is Legitimation?

Legitimation is a process that establishes the legal rights for a biological father to have and maintain a relationship with his child.

What is Paternity?

Paternity is a process for wherein there is a clinical and legal determination to confirm or disprove if a man is the biological father of the child. This can be a lengthy process as it requires a lawyer to arrange for, prepare and present your case in court.

Why Get a Paternity Test?

  • confirms whether or not a person is the biological father
  • If father is identified, the mother can request child support
  • If a man is shown to be the father he can request visitation, and in some cases fight for custody
  • If a man is shown to be the father, the grandparents can request visitation
  • If a man is shown to not be the father, he can refute false allegations, avoid unjustly being made to pay child support, and avoid mental anguish

Determing Paternity in Georgia

Child support cases in Georgia must include a legal determination of paternity. Georgia has multiple criteria to establish the responsible/biological father. The list of criteria includes:

  • Paternity DNA Testing arranged for processed through a local the presiding court
  • Parents are a legally married couple when the child is born
  • Unwed parents complete a Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement Form
  • having a standing court order (judicial or administrative order, divorce decree, or legal separation agreement)

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