Protective Orders

Protective Orders

Temporary Protective Order

In Georgia, a person who has suffered violence at the hands of a family member, someone with whom the person has had a relationship or resident of the household can seek a temporary protective order (TPO), also called a temporary family violence protective order. This order prohibits the offending party from coming into to contact with the protected person. The TPO will stay in effect for six months or until a judge issues a final protective order. If there is no relationship between the parties, the person who has suffered violence or has been threatened or harassed can seek a temporary stalking protective order.

Whether you are the victim of domestic violence or stalking, or you have been falsely accused of such behavior, you need effective legal representation.

Have You Been Threatened Or Abused?

If you have been threatened or suffered abuse, you need to take action now to protect yourself and your family. Our family law attorneys can help you, seeking the legal protection that a final order can provide.

An attorney at our firm can represent you in the hearing for the final protective order by providing evidence on your behalf and seeking the issuance of the order. Because the other party can also present evidence in his or her defense, you need an experienced advocate who will stand up for you.

Falsely Accused Of Family Violence Or Stalking?

If a temporary protective order has been issued against you, your rights are threatened. If a final order is issued, you may be forced from your home, lose your right to own a firearm and lose your custody or visitation rights.

Unfortunately, some people seek protective orders to gain leverage in a divorce, child custody dispute or another unrelated issue. You should not be complacent by thinking that the judge will see things your way. You need a lawyer who knows the law and can persuasively present your side of the story. Our lawyers will work hard to protect your rights and achieve your goal.